Important Dates

February 1st

  • Due date for 1099’s to be postmarked to recipients
  • Deadline to file 1099-NEC with IRS
  • First day in-office appointments are available to clients

February 12th

  • E-File Opens with the IRS

March 1st

  • Last day we’ll take calls for appointments. If you don’t have an appointment schedule you will have to drop-off your information
  • Deadline to receive Partnership (1065) or S-Corp (1120s) tax information without requiring an extension

 March 15th

  • Deadline to file Partnerships (1065) and S-Corp’s (1120s) without extension
  • Deadline to drop off of tax information for personal (1040) and C-Corp (1120) returns without requiring an extension

March 31st

  • Last day we’re able to see clients for tax appointments. If you haven’t seen your preparer you will need to be placed on extension
  • Deadline to file 1099’s other than NEC (INT, DIV, etc..) with IRS

April 15th

  • Deadline to file personal (1040) and C-Corp (1120) tax returns without extension